Alvera with Aloe Vera (350 ml)

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Entre 120 et 360 ml
Type de solution
Multifonctionnel (lentille souple)
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Lentille souple
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Alvera with Aloe Vera contact lens solution with case

Specifically designed for use with silicone hydrogel lenses.
Comfort and excellent satisfaction.

Avizor Alvera solutions contain Aloe Vera, which protects the corneal epithelium with a protective layer. It has antibacterial properties and protects the eyes from UV rays. Alvera moisturises and lubricates contact lenses, destroys and removes lipid deposits (oils) on the surface of the lenses. In addition, it reduces the adhesion of lipids to the lenses.
Avizor Alvera with Aloe Vera provides thorough disinfection and cleaning, as well as a healing effect.

Suitable for all types of contact lenses, Alvera is specifically adapted for

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